Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All too soon............................

those autumn colours will be gone.

Day by day we are noticing changes in the garden. Autumn colours are still happening but as the leaves fall it is inevitable that soon it will all be gone and the winter rest time will be here.

Sister Linda spotted amazing colour changes in the leaves on our hydrangea bushes and so we tried to capture some of that on camera before it disappears altogether.


Pat Winter Gatherings said...

WOW those are gorgeous leaves. Ours don't have color like that. Beautiful!

FredaB said...

Hi Peg

I am so glad you are back blogging. You have been missed. I love hydrangeas and I remember when we were in New Zealand, especially in Christchurch, saying to Harv that I had never seen hydrangeas so large and so beautiful. They grew like weeds. They were all along the sides of the roads and I just fell in love with them.

I echo Pat in saying I have never seen any here with color change on the leaves like yours have. Mine are just showing the buds and no blooms have actually opened but any day now.

Your Mum looks good. I remember with fond memories being at Lake Taupo and going out to see the drawings on the rocks. Beautiful and you are so lucky to be living there.