Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three Sisters, Two Generations

Yesterday we went to visit to with our Aunt Grace who, today, will reach the milestone age of 101:-

The occasion meant she could be reunited with two of her sisters for the day:-

Aunt Grace is 101, Aunty Bettie (in the middle) is 83 and Lydia, our Mother, is 91.

The used to be two more sisters, Dorothea and Marjorie, so it is nice to think the remaining three can still get together from time to time.

In addition there were three sisters from our generation as well:-

Yours truly on the left with sister, Barbara, in the middle and sister, Linda, on the right.

We got to have a cake cutting ceremony although we understand this was to be repeated with other family and friends today.


FredaB said...

How wonderful. The three sisters left at that age and all looking good. My Mom made it to 91. We were three girls in our family but my middle sister Dorothy died 4 years ago Sept. I was the youngest and dorothy 5 years older then Irene 7 years older then me. Now there is just Irene and I. We stay in touch by phone once a week or so. She is in Canada north of Toronto.

I hd 2 boys and a girl and always wished I had another girl so Sue would have a sister but some things are not meant to be.



crazyquilter said...

Yes, I don't think I realised until after I posted this how significant it was to have three sisters from my Mum's generation still looking quite fit for their ages.

Aunt Grace lived on her own until she was 100 and has only just had to start living with her daughter as she has become unsteady on her feet.

Bettie, the youngest, still lives on her own and gets out and about every day and still tends to her own vegetable and flower garden.

Our Mum lived on her own 'til she was about 85 and I think she is now grateful to be living with two of her daughters, Linda and me. Not many Mums who would have two daughters to care for them in latter years.

All of my siblings are still alive but with the youngest, Linda, just turning sixty we are all aware how fragile life can be.

Our oldest sister, Wendy, is nearly 70 and has not been well for some time but we do hope to keep her with us for a good while yet.