Monday, August 15, 2011

The Benefits of De Stashing

It was just before the turn of the century (21st that is) that I became interested in crazy quilting and so the accumulation of my creative stash began.

Now, all these years later, it has been time for me to de stash and so I have been selling bits and pieces through Trade Me auctions. Trade Me provides a services listing where people can request specific items and I currently have a service listing at the bottom of my auctions.

A lady called Sharon has e-mailed me several times and on one particular occasion she asked if I could assist in providing her with a silk print and embellishment pack that might suit the theme 'Yellow Rose of Texas' which was to be the Members Challenge for the Motueka Quilting Connection group.

Sharon wrote to tell me -
The quilt show is the annual show held by the Motueka Quilting Connection, and is held end of May at the Upper Moutere Community Centre. We are a group of 40 members, and each year manage to have a show that exceeds the previous year. We also manage to fill the hall with new work that has not been in any other show. Plus they have extras, and this year had the Hoffman Challenge quilts, and the Travelling Suitcase Exhibition, plus of course the Members Challenge which this year was the Song Title.

The picture tells the story - Sharon incorporated the embellishment pack that I sent her into her 'Yellow Rose of Texas' challenge and won the judge's commendation for the Best Use of Colour.

I am thrilled for Sharon but also pleased that my attempts to de stash have enabled others, and Sharon in particular, to be creative.

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FredaB said...

Hi Peggy

Can I order some Ozcraft dyes from you? I am low on some colors that I bought previously.