Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh, how nice...............

Linda has taken me up on my offer to put together some of her unfinished quilt projects.

Recently she made these scrappy trip around the world blocks and this morning got down on the floor to play with the layout so that I can proceed in sewing them together.

She left them on the floor to contemplate the best layout.

Within minutes Cici arrived and was found having a wonderful time 'playing' with the blocks.  Apparently she had her own ideas on layout.

Not to be outdone, Koko and Kaiser also had a turn at 'playing' with layout too.

The design board has now come into use and blocks are off the floor and 'playing' is now for human beings only.

Even here on the floor the blocks are looking pretty good and will make another delightful scrappy quilt.


Nancy said...

I agree that this is going to be a great quilt.

Once more, you and Linda make the perfect quilting team. Enjoy!

Vicki said...

Love this layout and the colors...oh, and the quilt is beautiful too!!

Shay said...

I resisted starting a scrappy trip around the world myself but the urge has struck big time now Ive seen this one. Lovely!