Thursday, March 20, 2014

The stars have fallen into place

The star blocks I wrote about on the 3rd March have fallen into place on my quilt top.

After I placed the stars I pondered for a while about what to do next.

I added a narrow border but decided it was too dark.  I then found some pink in my stash that seemed to suit the project much better.

One more row and in the end I made four patches on point in the same fabric as the star blocks.

I find I derive a lot of pleasure from creating quilt tops in this way, starting at random with some orphan blocks and working out what to do as I go along.

In true cat style at our home the quilt top had to pass cat scanning.

Koko took her turn and from the second image I think she gave it her approval.


Nancy said...

It's lovely!

One of my favorite quilts was made this way. No pattern - just playing with blocks and letting them fall into place. I love the uniqueness of it.

Shay said...

Its beautiful Peggy. You did a wonderful job of putting it together. I love the scrappy look!

Vicki said...

I like the darker pink border. Sets all those wonderful stars off so nicely.

margaret said...

your system has worked a treat, a lovely quilt