Saturday, May 02, 2015

Welcome to our world - update

I wrote in February about the arrival of my latest grandchild.

Such occasions demand a quilt from us two sisters.

I had bought a set of 9 fat quarters some time back that were suitable for a boy but at the time I was not sure what I could use them for.  This is obviously why I need a stash, so I can draw from it when needed.

Linda found this quilt pattern and if you're looking for a quick and easy quilt pattern which looks quite effective this one is a good one.

When I finished piecing it Linda applied her skills and did match stick quilting to finish off.  A very good, modern quilting style.

The front of the quilt used 7 of the fat quarters.  I still had 2 of them left and by mixing with some white fabric I was able to make a stripey and modern back.

For future reference, a reminder to Caleb and family regarding where his quilt came from.


margaret said...

a lovely quilt for a little boy

Tired Teacher said...

Congratulations on the new grandchild!

He is going to cherish this darling quilt, made with such love.

Mystic Quilter said...

What a happy little boy Caleb is going to be with this lovely quilt, neat clean pattern combines so well with the matchstick quilting from Linda.

Jenny said...

That's so nice - a great job from both of you.

Shay said...

Love this ladies. Bright , modern and sure to be a treasured item for a little boy as he grows up.