Monday, March 13, 2017

Butterfly Blocks

With my daily musings on the internet it never seems hard to find quilty things that inspire, in fact, much more than I could ever contemplate completing in my lifetime.

The butterfly blocks featured here came my way via a swap group It Seams Unlimited on Facebook.

All the piecing (except for the yellow centres) is oversized so that the components can be trimmed back.  This makes for better accuracy in the completed block and makes them look quite sharp, at least I think so.

The butterfly blocks are 9" square when complete.

The current swap (block pattern included in this link) is for the butterfly block if you are interested in participating.  You would need to join the It Seams Unlimited group first to tag along.

Georjah is looking for swaps of a minimum of 4 blocks.  This is a centralised swap with Georjah receiving and mailing all blocks so return postage needs to be considered if you live outside the USA.

I have decided to give it a go, so it will be interesting to see what comes back to me as a result of the swap.


margaret said...

liking this block shame only on facebook as I have given up on that and left it

Tired Teacher said...

Sounds like a fun swap - love the butterflies.