Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Aaron and his fiancee, Marcele, were able to join us for an excursion to Sugar Loaf Mountain:-

I had been a bit dubious about making the cable car ride, which was in two stages, but at the end of the day I have to say it was all very worth while and a highlight of our visit:-

When the first part of the journey was completed we were on a large platform area with juice bar and lots of seating. If you chose to stay here and not go any further it was a lovely location with fantastic views back over the city and out to the ocean. We could even look over the Copacabana Beach where we had been just a couple of days before:-

Located as part of first base was a helipad, doing a roaring trade, taking tourists for an aerial excursion around Rio:-

The excursion would not have been complete without the second cable car ride and as we got to the top the sun was setting and it was supposedly 19 degrees C. with a definite chill factor happening.

There was just enough time to take some sunset photos before descending in the dark. Our group of six got separated along the way, which all added to the fun of the day. Eventually we all met up again at the base.

My one sunset photo was of the famous Statue of Christ:-

Most images of this show a solitary statue, so it was interesting, at this height, to see that there is companionship by way of a collection of communication beacons. Quite a lot happening up in them there hills (oops, mountains).

Location:R. AprazĂ­vel,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

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