Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bookmarks With Heart

The other day I told you about the thread catchers I had been making for our local quilt show.

I have also been making these fabric hearts.

They are not just hearts for hearts sake but they are actually neat little bookmarks.

Again, the idea did not originate with me and you can find the tutorial for making them at Sew Many Ways.

Front of bookmark

Back of bookmark
They are cleverly made so as to create a pocket which slips over the page of the book you are reading.

Of course if you are living in the digital age and only use eReaders you may just like to slip the heart over the corner of your eReader as a pretty decoration.

It also occurred to me that if you wished to gift one of these bookmarks to someone you could place a few small items in the pocket side of the heart. 

After the goodies are gone, the recipient still has the fabric bookmark to remember you by.

Just like the thread catchers, I think these bookmarks could be given a crazy quilt treatment but I just have not got there, yet.


Nancy said...

These remind me of the bookmarks I made out of old envelopes when I was growing up. I never would have thought about making them out of fabric.

crazyquilter said...

I do believe there is a fabric version of the envelope bookmarks as well - just not sure where to find the online tutorial.

The heart ones are fun to make and I got a bit carried away and made more than 20 of them.