Friday, February 14, 2014

Every quilter 'needs' a stash


Now, if I didn't have a stash this current project probably never would have happened.

The nursery panel in the middle I picked up in a remnant bin in a quilt store in Sydney whilst there on holiday.

The pink stripey fabric I have used as a border is the remainder of some bargain priced yardage I bought last time I visited Seattle WA.

If didn't have a stash I would not have been able to add some silk and ribbon tags within the seam lines.  My stash provided variety for the other tags as well.

I have been pondering making a 'tactile' quilt for a while.  In the meantime my granddaughter, Anna-Clara is growing up very quickly.  Now 9 months, sitting up and on the move, all too soon her need for such a thing may be gone.

I well remember all of my boys liking to hold fabric, especially when breast or bottle feeding and I think Anna-Clara is no exception so the plan is to complete for her and get this quilt on the way.

As well as the tags around the nursery panel I have some lovely soft Minky fabric (another something in my stash) to put on the back. I hope it will be a totally tactile experience for this little girl.

Another search in my stash should reveal some fabric suitable for a magic binding - yes every quilter needs to have a stash for projects such as these.


Shay said...

Very cute tactile quilt ....Im sure Anna Clara will love it.

Having a stash means if the mood strikes you can make pretty much whatever you want. Lets all give three cheers for our stashes!

Vicki said...

This has given me a great idea. I love this idea so very much. Such a thoughtful gift. Yes, she is growing like a weed!

Joyce Carter said...

Hello. I am visiting here from the Sew and Sow blog. This is her first year anniversary and she is having a giveaway. She wanted her followers to visit someone that follows her and leave a comment. I like your blog very much so I am following yours now through GFC. Have a great day.