Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sweet Pea catch up

 It was good to catch up with our Sweet Pea ladies once again today.

Maxie, on the left, had not been for a while so we all enjoyed meeting up with her again.

She came with a surprise for Rochelle, a lap quilt.  Rochelle was thrilled.  Nobody has ever given her a quilt before so it was rather special to see this happen.

We had another surprise in store for another member of the group,  Moira.
Our group has embarked on a row by row project for each other this year.

I received Moira's last month and the story she told was that her friend is having six month's chemotherapy and she wanted to make her a 'Hearts of Love' quilt for her.

The row by row project is not going to be finished until the end of the year so we decided to fast track her project and were able to present her with all of her rows today.

My photo is not too good but I feel sure Moira will be bringing back the completed quilt top and I may be able to get another opportunity to get a better result.

Margaret had some show and tell for us.  She recently completed these two quilts for her granddaughters.

They sleep in the same room and even though the quilt themes are different she has given them a common background of bright, bright pink.  The girls share the same bedroom and so these should look really good.

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margaret said...

certainly plenty of hearts in this quilt and love the quilts for the 2 girls so very colourful