Monday, August 01, 2016

Time for contemplation

Overlooking the Columbia River at the end of a full day, David and Jackson take time out together.

They could be contemplating the importance of this river to the north west region of the United States or they could be discussing the next strategy to capture as many Pokemon as possible before we return to Seatlle on Monday.

We had set out from Seattle around 8am.  We stopped for breakfast along the way and arrived in Portland about 1pm.  We ventured to a couple of craft markets, had a light lunch in the Pearl District and had a Thai meal in the evening.

Our hotel is just across the road from the river and there is a popular park along the river bank so we stopped there to soak up the atmosphere before a return to our rooms and an early night after our big day out.

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Tired Teacher said...

That area of the Northwest is gorgeous - enjoy!

Love the photo