Monday, October 02, 2006

After the bustle and activity of New York it was quite a contrast to go to Boston for a brief interlude before leaving the USA altogether.

Such was the contrast of Boston to New York we actually felt that we had left the USA altogether.

Our stay in Boston was all to short and it begs another, more leisurely visit from us.

We did manage to fit in a visit to the USS Constitution, one of the first ships built by a then fledgling nation and still in commission by the USS navy.

The ship is kept in beautiful condition and tours of of the ship are well conducted by members of the navy.

Following this we went back into the city streets in search of a nice place for lunch. We found a delightful Irish pub and had a very nice meal there. The ambiance, the food and a most welcome glass of Guinness contributed towards Boston being added to our list of highlights in our visit to the United States.

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