Monday, October 02, 2006

One of the things that make travel so interesting is the things that are different.

On our journey from Dallas to Little Rock, Arkansas we saw a road sign that said 'BUMP' - nothing else, just the word 'BUMP'. Sure enough just a little while later there was a bump in the road. I think we only saw this sign once or twice more in all of our road travels.

Another signpost, frequently used is the use of the word, EXIT. This caused some consternation to us because we found that on the freeways you would be looking to enter a freeway but the signposting leading the way always indicated EXIT whether you were leaving or entering a new highway.

This was brought home to us once again at the Empire State Building in New York. Everything there has to done in a very orderly fashion to process the many people who go through the building every day. From beginning to end, on the sign posting all of the way was the use of the word, EXIT. The use of the word, ENTRANCE, did not seem to come into play at all.

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StilinStudio said...

Very interesting. Of course we take it for granted that EVERYONE understands. I can imagine the confusion this creates for some!