Thursday, March 01, 2012

Early Days in Crazy Quilting

My interests in crazy quilting came about some twelve/thirteen years ago.

At the time I was fortunate to come across an e-mail group, Southern Cross Crazies. This group caters for persons interested in crazy quilting based in Australia and New Zealand.

I hadn't been on the list long when someone suggested a Round Robin. Interested persons created a piece of crazy quilting and it was then sent around the group for each person to put some embellishment on the block before sending it to the next one in the group.

Totally new to me, I decided to make 9 x 4.5 inch block suitable for making up into a needlebook. I had some pink tone silk scraps and so that is what I used for construction.

I really enjoyed embellishing other people's blocks but also enjoyed very much, receiving my own block back all beautifully embellished with their work for me. Really lovely examples of tatting, beading, embroidery and even some waste canvas embroidery.

I found this to be a great way to learn about the things that can be done in crazy quilting and went on to host a number of these round robins. A lovely phase of my crazy quilting life.

Have to confess that the pink block is still a pink block and has never been made into a needlebook but I treasure it nevertheless and it is a happy reminder of my adventures in crazy quilting.


Barbara said...

Crazy quilting is indeed a special experience which I only made once in a class (in order to learn the technique!). However if one embellishes the block with various things, it really becomes an interesting and beautiful piece of fabric. I like yours (as I also like pink) and wonder whether you'll ever use it for a special work.
Greetings from Switzerland,

crazyquilter said...

Thank you, Barbara, for taking time out to comment on my blog entry.
Yes, the embellishing, is like the icing on the cake with crazy quilting.
Sometimes it is hard to stop embellishing once you get started.
I was rummaging through my craft items and found two needle books from other round robin projects that I have completed so it is interesting that I never did complete on this one. Perhaps I am just happy to have it as a sample of crazy quilting.......

Cherie said...

Those were the days Peggy:) Had a recent lovely stroll down memory lane packing up CQ fabric plus included CQ fabrics I'd inherited from you. The bag of fabric has all gone on to Faye and the bonus was catching up for dinner with her and Ray.
Faye's a sweetheart ;)