Friday, March 09, 2012

Inspirational Visitors

On Wednesday we had a delightful visit from a group of ladies with a common interest in craft.

They came from Tokoroa (about 66kms away) and it was so nice to think they would come that far to share with us.

Linda wrote a lovely entry on her blog about their time here.

During this time I shared a few things I have learnt about crazy quilting and when they left I had this piece of silk fabric with a few silk ribbon stitches that I had been showing them.

What's a girl to do with something like that? Well, just keep adding until you have a nice little creation and so a new one of a kind piece of embroidery was born.

The ones I have been making recently have all featured a piece of lace but this one began with silk ribbon work and I extended it with grub roses, beading and more stitching.

Nice to make something along the same theme of what I have been doing but different.

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