Thursday, July 02, 2015

Accelerated Reading

Today was our first full day in Seattle. 

My nine year old grandson, Jackson, is on summer vacation but has enrolled a summer Accelerated Reading program at his school. 

He needs to read an ebook then once a week go to the school library to sit a test to see how well he comprehended the story. 

Today he asked me to walk to the school with him so he could participate. 

There was a line up of computers for the children to log in to themselves to sit the multi choice questions. 

Jackson seemed to go through the process easily and reported a 100% result. 

This was all very interesting but even more so, the number of mothers and children turning up to participate as well during summer vacation. The library was positively humming with activity. 

A very insightful outing for Jackson's Nana today. 

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Shay said...

What a great program to give the Summer some routine and structure and goals to work towards ! Plus it has the added benefit of getting kids to keep loving reading during Summer break. I used to love reading as a kid and still do!