Monday, September 07, 2015

The flowers in England

The timing of our holiday has meant we have missed most of the New Zealand winter (which appears to have been very wet and cold) and been able to enjoy the benefits of the English summer.

Today we travelled from Plymouth to Gloucester under blues skies. Hardly a cloud all day. We enjoyed the locals making the most of a sunny, warm Sunday. People out walking, biking, sailing on a lake, even just sitting in the beer garden of their local pub and enjoying the warmth of what is left of summer. 

We do see evidence in some of the trees that autumn and all its glorious colour is not far away.

One of the things that has continued to delight us throughout this holiday is the use of hanging baskets:-

I photographed this particular trough of flowers in Bsth but they could have just as easily been in London or the tiniest of English villages.

They bring an enchanting addition to the landscape and have added that special touch to our time in the Northern Hemisphere. 


Ali Honey said...

Just fabulous aren't they. I remember noticing how often they used geraniums in the planters.

Tired Teacher said...

The blooms are lovely. There's quite a variety in that basket.

margaret said...

so good yo are having nice weather further south! mind you we have had 3 nice days here too. I love the colours of autumn, seems to be coming pretty quickly now