Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Sweet Peas are gathering

We did not realise when we bought this property how handy the large courtyard and lawn area might be.

Most Sweet Pea mornings we have 5 to 6 cars parked in this area and it is nice to think they ladies can gather without having to look for parking anywhere else.

As usual, there was lots of chatter and laughter and much interest in new and completed projects.

Debbie brought along this scrappy quilt which is still a work in progress.  The lovely bright colours and the way Debbie has mixed them is just magical.

I talked before about a change of direction in our birthday gifts for each other.

I made this block and yesterday we got to see what the others had made.

Trish loved the collection and it was not long before we were all gathered around as decisions were made about how all the blocks should be placed.

This is what we came up with.

A lovely assortment of stars with a common background.

Trish is going to make a quilt for the back of her living room sofa and we look forward to seeing the completed project.

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kathyinozarks said...

how wonderful to be able to spend the day with other quilters-