Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You may have guessed

When I wrote about making a hexie fabric coasters the other day you may have guessed that hexie fever was headed my way once more.

When I made the Science Fair hexagon quilt top in July I was already thinking of the possibilities of making something similar in different fabrics.

In my stash I had a jelly roll of fabric that I had purchased last November when visiting in Seattle.  At the princely sum of US$7.50 it seemed like a bargain to hard to leave behind.

What to do with the jelly roll once I brought it home was another story but it did occur to me that I might use it to make a hexagon quilt.

The 2.5 inch strips from the jelly roll lend themselves to this sort of project really well.

I soon came to realise there would not be enough fabric from the roll to complete the project so I added some soft pink fabric which I had purchased in a stash busting exercise a while back and with this combination I am making good progress.

This is not the final arrangement.  I am pinning the blocks to the design board as I go.  No doubt changes will be made before I am through.


Shay said...

I adore hexies and a jelly roll makes them come together pretty quickly.

Love this one and cant wait to see it come together.

Unknown said...

I. Look at your work and think "Peggy has the patience of a saint" then I remember you are a saint !!! Fruit of the Spirit arising. Love