Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Confessions of a stash buster

 Oh dear, our routine has been a  bit different over the past few days and not much stitching has been happening.

Last week Linda saw an auction of unfinished patchwork projects she thought I might be interested in.

Next thing I had hit the Buy Now button and the goods were on their way.

Linda and I always did have a soft spot for hexagons.

These have come to us complete with papers in the back - big enough to cover a single bed.  I will be pulling out papers for a few evenings to come.
Hexagons were not the only projects in the pack.

A variety of sets of cathedral windows in various states of completion.

Dresden plates too - not many of these but I like the red and white ones.

Lastly a stack of super size hand pieced hexagon shapes with circular centre pieces and papers included.

Not sure how all of these oddments are going to help me bust my stash but I will give it my best shot.


Nancy said...

You are creative and will turn these UFOs into compete projects in no time. Have fun!

Vicki said...

Kind of like Christmas morning! You are so gifted, I am sure they will be beautiful when completed.

Shay said...

Cute haul. There isnt anything in there I would be delighted to be working with!