Monday, August 12, 2013

Papers, papers and more papers

Last week I wrote about winning some unfinished quilting projects in an on line auction.

The hexagon project will make a lovely bed cover but before anything can be done the paper pieces need to be removed.

I have been doing this in the evenings while watching television and although the pile of papers is growing it will take a few more evenings before the quilt top becomes paper free.

Once machine quilted the pink and blue hexagon flowers will pop and look very pretty.  Still a fair way to go, though, before we get to see an end result.


Nancy said...

Any idea of when these hexies were made? Any clues on the papers?

Vicki said...

So, the top is pieced together already? How special is that project!!!!

Shay said...

That top will be paper free in not time and its going to be completely worth the effort. I love those wee hexies.

jan said...

That is so going to be worth it when you finish. Any plans on how you will quilt it?
xo jan