Saturday, December 31, 2005

Lisa still has the quilt made for her by her grandmother when she was a baby.

The figures in the alternate blocks are all hand embroidered.
A pretty good way to heat frozen pizza.

The pizza oven is a rotating hot plate that heats a frozen pizza from above and below.

The result is a lovely crisp pizza to enjoy.
I just had time to take pictures of the Christmas Tree and wreath at Lisa and David's before they were taken down for storage for next year.
On our last night in Kansas City we went out to dinner with Lisa's mother, Roberta and friends of David and Lisa's, Natasha and Bob with their daughter, Zoe.

I am pictured here with Roberta.
Nani's place - this is Lisa's grandmother's home where she lived for 50 years.

The home is located in Prairie Village.

The view from the 26th Floor at the Radisson Hotel in Kansas City, MO seemed to stretch for miles and miles.

If I thought they liked doing Christmas lights in Dallas, they did even more so in Kansas City.

The images here shows just two sections of the set up in the front of a home where a gentleman has been creating Christmas decorations for years and years.

He has different themes for different sections of the front of his house and there are decorations on the roof as well.

This section on the right has a basket for donations and dollar bills and coins lie on the foreground of this fenced off area.

The lawn at the front of the house has been worn away by the many viewers who come to see his annual creations.

Lisa can remember being taken here as a child with her family to view the creations year after year.

David the cook - I don't believe it!!!!!!!!!

Lisa did a batch of cooking to take to Kansas City for Christmas and David helped out by making 7 layer slice - seven different ingredients - Graham crackers, coconut, pecans, melted butter, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips and butterscotch cookies (one layer is placed on top of the next - no stirring required) - baked in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.
Close up image of front yard blow up Christmas ornaments.
Inflatable Christmas decorations like this are very popular.

They are attached to a timing device so that they inflate in the evenings and deflate during the day.

This particular morning I saw these ones from my bedroom window and was able to take a photo before they collapsed for the day.
Christmas lights and decorations are quite common in the neighbourhood of Lewisville.

This 2 storey home is typical of many of the homes in this area.

As well as a United States flag, this home sports a Santa Clause flag.
Home again, home again.

Nice to go for a walk but nice to come home again.
The other partner in our almost daily walks in Monet, pictured here with Lisa.
Since being here we have endeavoured to take the dogs for a walk in the local neighbourhood.

David has found a route that takes us in a circular direction to bring us back home without having to turn around to come back.

Ever on the alert, Ivey is pictured here with David.
Underneath the lovely heart quilt on my bed is a utility quilt made from squares of corduroy in shades of red, brown, blue and pink.

Made by Lisa's grandmother, it is showing signs of wear but still does a good job as a sleep covering.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

From America With Love

When I arrived at David and Lisa's in Dallas I found that Lisa had put a lovely hand stitched heart quilt on my bed.

The quilt comes from Kansas and was made by a neighbour of her grandmother.