Thursday, July 05, 2018

Forget Me Not

Our quilting group, Taupo Quiltmakers, like to have on hand some community quilts for people in need.

At present we have a lady who makes up kits of fabric from the community stash and one evening a pack of blue and white fabrics caught my eye. I felt the need to bring the pack home and do something with it.

I have had a free Martingale pattern Purple Daze in my stash for some time and I felt it could be put to good use with these fabrics.

To the selection of blue and white fabrics I added cream background fabric and for the stars some toile fabric that had been in my stash for more than 20 years - time for it to have some use.

I enjoyed making the traditional star blocks and then framing them with the modern square in square blocks.  I decided  not to include the the borders that were in the pattern.

When I finished the quilt top I still had bits and pieces of blue and white fabric left over and was determined that when I returned the quilt all the fabric would be used so I ended up making this quilt back.

Linda quilted everything beautifully for me and added this label.  She called the quilt 'Forget Me Not'.

I did not take a photo of the binding fabric but I had made it from a quilt fabric featuring forget me nots.

We submitted the quilt to the community stash and it was decided by the committee that this quilt would fulfil the need of the local Altzeimers group who had requested a quilt that could be used as a fund raiser.

'Forget Me Not' just happens to be the logo for the Altzeimers Association.  Little did we realise how appropriate the binding and name of the quilt would be.

We did not know but at the time the group was very low on funds and by raffling this quilt they were able to raise funds and boost their cash reserves.  In addition, one of the members of our quilt group actually won the raffle and she is so, so happy to have this quilt in her home.

A pleasant outcome for a pack of blue and white fabric that just happened to catch my eye.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fancy Forest Update

It has been a while but since I did write quite a bit about this quilt top in it's earlier stages I thought I would upload an image of the completed quilt top.

The project turned out much bigger than I had imagined and so I have found it hard to take a picture of the finished article.

In the end it took me around 12 months to complete. I had decided to make the blocks by subject and was pleased when the last set, the fireflies, were complete.

Next the challenge to assemble.  Elizabeth Hartman  had very cleverly organised the quilt to be put together in quadrants.

I happily proceeded with the first 3 quadrants but when I came to quadrant 4 I had a problem.

I could only find 6 hedgehog blocks when, in fact, 8 were required.

Oh dear, what a dilemma.

I was convinced two of them must have run away to hide under the hedges but when I consulted with my trusty blog record I found I had only ever made 6 in the first place.

Back to the drawing board for me to create 2 more of the rascals and then, finally, assembly was over.

For now my Forest Friends are quietly getting on with their lives until the day the are quilted.