Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Last Saturday, 46 of our relatives and friends gathered at the community centre in our local village to help Mum and me celebrate our 60th and 90th birthdays.

Our birthdays are only 9 days apart and so it seemed appropriate that we share our celebration.

We had quite a mixed group, with ages ranging from 1 year to 99 years of age. All of Mum's children were there, her oldest surviving sister, Grace, as well as grandchildren, great grandchildren and cousins together with friends and neighbours.

Brother Bob was Master of Ceremonies and carried the proceedings very well for us. He did not let us down in regard to his ability to quote poetry and we enjoyed the several he rendered on the day.

We provided morning tea and had lunch catered for and all of the food was excellent. The birthday cakes are yummy, traditional fruit and classically iced. Even the floral decorations were made from icing.

Mum with all of her children - from the left, Barbara, Linda, Mum, Norman, Wendy, Bob, Peggy, Alan.