Saturday, November 15, 2014

Napkin ring tutorial

We like to use cloth napkins and napkin rings at our place.

The ones we were using were beginning to look a bit tired and I had it in mind to make some new ones.

They happened this week.

The napkins are easily achievable with a a few small pieces of fabric, some braid, if you wish, and a scrap of batting.

You will need:-

2 pieces of fabric 6 inches x 3 inches
2 pieces of braid each 6 inches long
1 piece of batting - I find cotton batting works best for this project - 5 7/8 inches by 2 7/8 inches
1 piece of matching fabric 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches

Take one of the larger pieces of fabric and mark across the length two times at one inch spacing.

You can use a permanent marker as this will be hidden.

The braid can be pinned along the line if you wish but I found that putting a strip of stick glue along the reverse side of each strip was effective for me.

Place the braid along the marked lines and top stitch either in a matching or contrasting thread.

I knew I was going to stitch the rest of the napkin ring with a variegated thread so I used that for the braid as well.

The smaller piece of fabric (2 1/2 x 2 inches) is needed as a tab to assist with joining the napkin together.

Fold it in half lengthwise and stitch at each end.  1/4 inch seam allowance - lock seams at beginning and end.

Turn out the tab to the right side and press.

Time to layer up all the pieces.

Place the braided piece on top of the batting, right side up.

Place the tab at one end of braided piece raw edge to raw edge.

Lay the last piece on top right side down.

Sew right around through all layers leaving a 2 to 2 1/2 inch gap.

Clip corners and turn to the right side.

Once turned out press.

For texture and firmness I stitched across the length at 1/4 intervals with variegated thread.

Fold and make a ring shape and pin together using the tab to secure.

Hand stitch from the edge of the napkin ring, around the tab and then  to the other end of ring.

After stitching tab in place, turn out and slip stitch along the right side seam line.

Secure thread and your napkin is ready to use.

We have these napkin rings in daily use. You may like to make them for yourself, other members of your family or to give as gifts to friends.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Special Request - completed.

On the 11th October I wrote about the small beginnings for my quilting challenge.

With the addition of some scrappy 'I Spy' blocks in bright colours the small stars exploded into a large half star.

Children of the world fabric made a surrounding border for the half star.

Not quite finished - the other half of the star needed to be made.

This was the result.

My son had requested two individual quilts that somehow connected together for when the babies involved might be together.

It is my hope that the inclusion of bright and cheery scrappy fabrics together with the conversational 'children of the world' fabric will add interesting elements for the children and their families.

Linda's machine quilting added an extra special touch to this special request.