Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking the plunge

Part of participating in a needle book round robin is the challenge of making the first imprint on the naked block that arrives in your letter box.

It is a bit like a blank canvas for the artist to contemplate - where to start, will the first mark be right or wrong - you just have to get on with it and take the plunge.

This block is the first I have received from my Blog Round Robin.  Lorraine sent it and it is all in purples, a colour that I do like working with.

In the end I decided to do this floral spray which incorporates a floral motif, feather stitch in gold metallic thread, sequin flowers, grub roses, beading, an iridescent butterfly and french knot stitching.

The block is on its way to Cherie, in Australia.

I look forward to sharing more as other blocks come my way.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Needle books - again

Last week I posted this image of Michelle's needlebook.

It already had work on it by two other people and now it was my turn..............

I couldn't resist adding a couple of green beaded flowers to the ones on the right but then I turned my attention to the left side of the block.

I attached a hand dyed motif and added floral silk ribbon embroidery.

There was already another hand dyed motif and I added some silk ribbon work and cotton thread french knots.

I must have taken these photos at different times of day - the second image is more true to life.

My time with this block has come to an end so it is time to move it along with the previous one I mentioned a couple of days ago.

I still have another block to do before I am all up to date once again.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Before Winter Sets In

Before winter sets in we are really enjoying some beautiful autumn weather and the flowers of the season.

We were given a pot of red and white chrysanthemums at the end of last year and when they finished flowering we planted them in the garden.  They have come back with a lovely spread of flowers and this monarch butterfly must have appreciated them being there as it rested there for some time.

Not far from these flowers we have a dahlia bush which has just come into flower recently with the most delightful dark shades of burgundy blooms.  The centres look little seed beads.

Our mornings are crisp and the days clear and sunny.  So nice, and the flowers just add to the loveliness of it all.

Friday, April 20, 2012

More about needle books

Last week I shared with you what Win's block looked like when it arrived.

That is Rayna's beautiful silk ribbon work on the right.

With other needle books in the pipeline I thought I had better get moving along so I have added to the left of the block.

Some feather stitch work in gold metallic thread with dark red beading and to the left of that some scrolling work in chain stitch in blue finished with pretty pink sequin flowers with gold beads at the centre.

A close up of my work just in case you want a closer peek.

Time to move on to the next one now so I can keep things moving along just like I should.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another challenge

Yesterday this needle book block arrived from Tokoroa.

I have not finished working on the one I shared yesterday so I have time to contemplate what I might do with this one.

Two people have worked on this block so there is already quite a bit more work than on the other one.

Still more to come - maybe tomorrow..............

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Needle Book Progress

Having set two groups of needle book round robins into motion I was very keen to have a block to work on and then this one arrived last week.

Rayna forwarded it from our Tokoroa group and the silk ribbon work she has done on it is just beautiful.

She has hand dyed the silk ribbon and the tonings of the pinks and greens are so nice.

Silk ribbon work is such a lovely craft once you have mastered a few basic techniques and if you have the opportunity to dye your own silk ribbon you have another dimension altogether.

My challenge now is to add to what Rayna has started.  I have done some but my work is not completed yet.  I will share when it is ready to be on its way.

I need to move along now, because, after waiting and waiting for one block I now have three to work on - two more arrived in the post today.  More images for me to be sharing with you.

Twelve months ago I thought that my crazy quilting days were over because my wrists were not in good shape.

I pulled back from doing a lot of hand work and I have been attending bowen therapy once a fortnight and I am happy to say that my wrists have improved a great deal and I am enjoying participating in this form of hand work again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking forward, looking back

Sometime back, when I was still living in Australia, I participated in a needle book round robin.

I created the block in autumn colours and look what came back to me!

I especially love the silk ribbon roses on the top right side of the block and if you look carefully you can see a spider's web complete with spider below.

Looking forward, with our latest needle book round robin, my friend from Sydney, Cherie, has created an autumn shade block which I just love.  You may like to take a peek and see this 'naked block' for yourself, and while you are there, have a look around all the other things Cherie is interested in.

Cherie has posted this block to the next person on the list today so the fun is starting to happen.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Needle book progress

When I put out a request via this blog for people to participate in a round robin it did not look like it was going to happen and then one by one the names came in and suddenly, there is was, a group of six of us committed to join in.

Two weeks have been given for the actual block to be created and mailed for the recipient to receive on the 13th April.

My block has to go to Australia so it has occurred to me I had better get mine in the post as soon as the Easter break is over and so here it is in pinks and greens and I imagine it being embellished by the others in similar colours.

Let the round robin begin!