Thursday, April 09, 2015

Soft and creamy and it's all mine

I was due to have surgery in February this year for a total knee replacement.

Linda asked me what quilt I would like to take to hospital with me.

I had a quilt top made featuring hexagons from the Science Fair pattern waiting to be quilted.

This was my choice and I said to her she could quilt it as she pleased.

I am more than happy with all the lovely soft and creamy feathers that swirl through the hexagon blocks.

You can see images showing even more detail on Linda's blog.

The quilt top was much admired and a great talking point while in hospital and I am now enjoying having it on my bed at home.  CiCi obviously approves as well.

The surgery was a success, thankfully.  It has taken a while to get back to stitching but it is happening.