Friday, August 31, 2012

Another I Spy Quilt

On the 30th July I wrote about a book I reviewed for Taupo Quiltmakers, Quick and Easy Quilts for Kids.

I had made an I Spy quilt from one of the patterns but had in mind to do another from the same book.

This one is called Baby Bricks and is a fast and easy stitching project as long as you have a variety of fabrics to pull from your scrap bin.

Big enough to just cover a single bed it will be sent with the other I Spy quilt to our great nephews.

We hope they have lots of fun playing I Spy with their quilts.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

That's what friends are for

Yesterday our Sweet Peas sewing group met at our place.

Trish came with a quilt that she made made a while ago and it needed to be washed.  However, the result of washing was not good, the quilt went all crinkly in the worst possible way.

She brought it along to the group to see if anything could be done to fix the problem.

Within a short space of time our friends had gathered around and helped her with the task of unpicking the stitching so that the top could be be removed from the backing.  All too soon she had her quilt top separated so that it could be stitched afresh and hopefully this time all will be well when her quilt is stitched together again.

Lovely to see the things that friends can do for each other when they gather together.

Monday, August 27, 2012

From my bedroom window

The view from my bedroom window may or may not appeal to some but it provides plenty of interest to me depending on the season and the weather.

The walnut tree to the right was recently pruned and a couple of days later the wren birds came to visit.  Probably 30 or more resting on the trees or hopping to the ground for food.  They could obviously see items of interest that I could not.

Sometimes the fantails will fly over the embankment and appear to be sailing on the wind as they chase insects that are tempting them in the air ways.

There are walking paths on both sides of the river and I often see walkers and/or cyclists making use of facilities to exercise along the river setting.  A great place for exercising dogs as well and is used as daily routine by some dog owners.

Other days it is not uncommon to see splashes in the river as fish rise to the surface and splash around before disappearing again.  Bird life abounds as well with a variety of ducks, geese and swans taking their turn in the river from time to time or flying overhead.

Most days the local kayaking business brings a group of would be kayakers to the river to try their hand at the sport.  They come all weathers and provide more interest for us above.

I am glad not to be confined to my bedroom but if I was it is nice to know that there is a range of activities that can be observed from my bedroom window.