Monday, November 05, 2012

Spring Fever

Yesterday we had a touch of spring fever and spent quite a bit of the day in the garden.

The weather was lovely, a touch of coolness in the breeze to stop us from getting too hot.

Linda wrote about all the lovely plants we bought at a local church fair and yesterday, with some help from our friend, Debbie we all set about various chores to bring our garden into order.

I dug up pansy plants, pruned them and Debbie gave them a new home in another part of the garden.  The place vacated by the pansies is waiting now to be planted out with flowers for summer, cosmos, marigolds, petunias and livingstone daisies will mingle with the grandmothers bonnet, alstromeria, dahlias and daisies that are already established.

Linda was busy preparing a vegie garden and planted potatoes, beans and titivated the edges with replanting of more pansy plants.  The pansies volunteer in our vegie garden every year.  Popped in around the edges of the garden they make everything look very pretty.  Plans are afoot for lots more vegies to find a home there as well.

My photo today of banksia roses does not do justice to all the work that has been happening.  These lovely miniature roses are another of my favourite things - perfection in miniature - so pretty.


Nancy said...

The roses are gorgeous.

Next to lilacs, pansies are my favorite flowers.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

What a super block