Friday, November 30, 2012

Surprised by scraps

Our friendship goes back a long way.

We worked together in Australia and then she moved back to that States and I moved home to New Zealand.

Our communications are spasmodic but still the friendship is there.

She knows I love craft and especially patchwork.

If there had been a chance I would have loved to meet up with on this visit to the States but it was not to be.

She wrote to me and said she had a few 'scraps' she would like to send to me while I am in Seattle.

Something to tuck in my suitcase to take back home.

My goodness, the 'scraps' arrived - all in favourite colours and probably 5 to 6 yards in total - if they weren't going to be 'scraps' I wonder how much there might have been.

Thank you, Susan, for surprising me with 'scraps'.  Truly delightful and a lovely something to take with me as a happy memory of my visit.

Susan and I have birthdays within a day or two of each other.  She sent me this lovely birthday card as well.  I think kitty looks almost surprised as I was!


Nancy said...

What a wonderful surprise gift. I wouldn't consider the lovely array of fabric scraps, either. Enjoy

Happy Birthday!

Cherie said...

Beautiful surprise, lovely to have a friend who considers these "scraps" you'll have much fun with them ;)

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

I can see another fab quilt coming


Tammy said...

What a lovely surprise. She knows you will do wonderful things with those scraps. Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy