Sunday, January 08, 2006

Encased in a glass chamber in the local history museum at Fort Worth was a beautiful Ottoman silk bridal dress called the 'bad luck bridal gown.'

The silk was showing signs of deterioration but was a beautiful gown, nevertheless. The front panel was row upon row of lace embellished with three dimensional flowers.

The history of the garment was posted on the outside.

It had been worn first in 1886 and within a short space of time the bride lost her husband. The gown was worn by another 3 women of different generations who all lost their husbands not long after marrying.

After this it was never worn by another bride but a woman who did chose to wear it for a day was suddenly struck down by a mysterious illness and had to be hospitalised. She recovered but the illness was never diagnosed.

The dress was donated to the museum where it remains until now.

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