Sunday, April 23, 2006

Garage sales can be a lot of fun and I was very much looking forward to going to a selection of them in inner Sydney during my few days stay there.

I was being very conservative about my purchases until I saw this whole cloth quilt, hand stitched and appliqued in a maple leaf style pattern. The maple leaves have additional embroidery on them to add highlighted relief.

Pre loved and aged, this quilt is made of lovely soft white cotton. It has no binding and has been overlocked around the edges. There's few marks that need attention and a couple of places in need of fabric repair. The batting is thin and almost non existent in some places. In spite of these drawbacks, I felt it was something worth having and certainly worth finding a spot in my suitcase for to take back home wtih me for my sister, Linda, to have and to hold.

My thanks to my friends for taking me on this adventure. Without their kindness and efforts, I would never have found this lovely treasure.

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Maureen said...

WHY cant I find treasures like that!!