Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My knowledge of flowers and gardening is minimal compared to many but I do know that I love roses.

Always have done. The queen of flowers for me and if they have a strong perfume, even better.

I am told that the Dublin Bay is one of the best and so last year I planted this climber at the front of the house and I am impressed.

Can't say it has much of a perfume but the blooms are just beautiful and they last and last.

It has done quite well in its climbing efforts and this is only its second year of flowers so there will be much more to come from this delightful plant before its life is over.

I had previously planted a clematis in this spot but after appearing to do well it curled up its toes and died. I would like to think this plant will fare better. So far, so good.

We have two more rose bushes in the garden but they are yet to come into bloom. It will be nice when they join the party with Dublin Bay.

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