Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What would I like for my birthday dinner was the question.

Pasta with meat sauce was my choice and very nice it was too.

A local shop, The Merchant of Taupo, stocks a most delicious Pavlova Roulade and this with brandied strawberries topped off the meal very nicely.


FredaB said...

Merry Christmas to you Peggy, Linda and your Mom. I feel like I know them also through our blogging. I was just going to ask for the recipe for the pavlova then read down far enough that I see it was purchased. Nuts.

I have been following the blog of a young gal who moved from Ireland to Christchurch 3 years ago and is now experiencing this horrible earthquake time. In our paper yesterday they said they had 4 more very bad aftershocks. I could just cry for that beautiful city and all the people concerned. I have never lived in an earthquake area and never will at this point.

It seems like it only hit Christchurch and its immediate surround. Is that the case? Let us know on your blog when you hear anything more.



crazyquilter said...

It is lovely to keep in touch this way.

The pavlova roulade is beautiful and I don't think I would ever attempt to make it - how you could roll pavlova like a swiss roll I would never know.

However, the pavlova recipe I really like is by New Zealand cook, Alison Holst.

There's a lot of theories about how to make pavlova and hers is probably the simplest but it works:-

We have a brother living in Christchurch in the inner city area and he says that the latest round of earthquakes have been quite unnerving when everyone was thinking that things might have settled at last.

Quite devastating for shopkeepers who have been trying to re-establish their businesses after the last one. Lots of shops have been closed down and already the Earthquake Commission has had something like 300 claims for damages from there most recent shake ups.

Yes, the latest quakes have been isolated to the inner city area.

I was talking to my brother today and he said so far there have been no more shakes and there was nothing on the news today to indicate that either.