Thursday, April 07, 2011

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

As I read blogs from the northern hemisphere I am aware that spring is on its way and with that the wonderful birth of new life as gardens spring to life after a long, cold winter.

For us, autumn is drawing to a close. Leaves are turning to the ember colours of a dying fire and the flowers of summer are beginning to fade.

A few weeks ago we changed the plants in the pots at the front of our house from the petunias of summer to pansies.

It has taken a while but suddenly the pots are being filled with the lovely, happy faces of the pansies that will cheer us through the winter months ahead.


Ruby said...

Your pansies are indeed pretty! The dogwood trees and azaleas are blooming in North Carolina,USA.

crazyquilter said...

I never had a dogwood tree until we came to live here and I think that are just lovely.

Azaleas are great value for money too.

What a lovely time of year for you.