Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where it all started

I have written a couple of times lately about my interest in creating free form embroidery projects, and in particular, my enjoyment in making these in miniature.

I realise, when looking through items in my stash that this type of work has appealed to me for a long time, it has just taken me quite some time to get around to doing it for myself.

The first time I did anything like this was for a crazy quilt retreat I attended in Australia.

All participants were asked to make their own name badge with a crazy quilt theme - well I may not have done any crazy quilting, but I did do the embellishment part.

The badge looks a bit marked and aged by now but still a happy momento of the occasion and a seed interest for me in miniature free form embroidery.


Cat said...

oh the time and the patience you must have !! !!

Lisa White said...

Miss Peggy, it's beautiful. It certainly does capture you in a small space!

@Cat Miss Peggy is one of the most patient women I know. I've seen her with some crazy kids (my cousins) and I'm married to her son - she had to be a good one!

crazyquilter said...

I guess if you enjoy doing something you don't really think about having to be patient.

Thank you both for your kind comments.

@Lisa - I had forgotten about the crazy cousins, but I do remember Mary thought I could be a good permanent baby sitter :-}. David, well, I think he is a pretty patient sort of a person, perhaps he inherited just a few genes from me.