Sunday, January 08, 2012

Summer in the garden

So far this summer the weather has proved to be quite wet.

A lot of things in the garden have gone quite rampant.

We have more of this dark red poppy than ever before. We think it would be nice to harvest the seed and have a big cluster of this particular poppy somewhere in our garden. I have saved some of the poppy heads so maybe, just maybe we can do something about this.

These shasta daisies were planted last year and have only just come into bloom in recent weeks. They are making up for lost time as they are there in abundance.

We have found them to be a good vase flower as they last quite well.

From where I sit in my bedroom using my computer I can see this lovely hollyhock plant.

The image is probably more blueish than the real colour, which, to the eye looks a very dark chocolate brown.

It is the dark, dark colour that fascinates me. Not many plants with flowers like this.


Faye said...

Love the colour of your poppy Peggy, yes a clump of them would be magnificent...

crazyquilter said...

Thanks, Faye, I hope we can be successful in propagating them.

Cheryl said...

Love seeing your garden Peggy as it makes a nice contrast to the bare hills I see here in Saudi.Cheryl

Frances Leate said...

Beautiful photos of some of your garden - so different from our tropical one. Take care.

crazyquilter said...

Thank you, Cheryl and Frances. We have been here two years and love the garden even though it could still do with lots of improvements there is so much that had been planted before we got here we are still reaping the benefits and we really appreciate it.