Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Quilts as gifts

A while ago I wrote about winning some lovely orange fabric in a raffle at our quilting group.

My friend from Sydney, Cherie, left a comment to say how much she liked the fabric.

Little did she know that the fabric was destined to be incorporated in a quilt especially for her.

Yesterday I met up with her and was able to give it to her.

From completion I had been coveting it for myself but it really was time to see it move along and go to its new owner.  I am sure Cherie will enjoy having it as part of her possessions.

Sister Linda has also written about this quilt on her blog and she cleverly quilted this for me after I had finished the machine piecing.


Frances Leate said...

A lovely quilt and what a wonderful gift which I am sure will be treasured. Take care.

Nancy said...

What a stunning quilt!

Cherie is one lucky lady.

kiselbri said...

Que belleza de trabajo! I follow you regards from Spain.

Cherie said...

Ooooo sincere apologies for being so slow in expressing my delight and total surprise at the beautiful quilt Peggy gifted me in May. Since then it's been across my knees on many cold night, my Great Gradbaby Belle has snuggled for a nap under when she visits plus have had to fight my fat cat Blossom to snuggle under it myself.
Sincerely sorry for forgetting to Thank You here sooner Peggy. The surprise was stupendous :) I smile every time I look at my quilt plus I give it a little stroke as I adore it so very much. xo