Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lasagne Quilt

Today we had lasagne for our midday meal and it reminded me of the lasagne quilt I made.

Recently our local quilt group, Taupo Quiltmakers, had a sit and stitch evening and there was an opportunity to make a quick and easy quilt under sister Linda's watchful eye.

We have been given a lot of Kiwiana fabric scraps and so I decided to to use them for this project.

This is a quilt as you go project - sewing strips of fabric the width of the backing until you have covered the entire back.

Great use for my bits and pieces but I did have a bit of an oops as a couple of pieces of Australiana fabric found their way into the project and so I have called it 'Kiwiana Meets Australiana'.

It is a lovely lap size quilt and will be sent in thanks to the lady who gave us the scraps.  Did I say scraps?  From what we have been given I have now made 4 quilt tops, including this one, and have more than enough to make another one yet.

Does this idea have appeal for you?  Linda has written about lasagne quilts on her blog and you can see some different themes if you take a peek there.

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