Saturday, October 19, 2013

Secret Projects

I read quite a number of blogs on a day to day basis and I often read about quilters who are making quilt blocks for a secret project.

Sometimes it may be for a pattern they are creating to sell, sometimes a quilt that is to be submitted for a quilting magazine or book.

The creator usually provides a sneak peek by showing an image of a small portion of the project.

This is my sneak peek of the secret project I have been working on for our local quilting group.

We only have a few meetings to go before we cease gatherings over the Christmas holiday period.

At the next meeting I am providing a raffle block project.  I provide instructions for people to make a block.  They can submit as many blocks as they wish.  Once collected names of participants go into a 'hat' and someone will be the lucky recipient of a collection of blocks.  If we get a lot of blocks then we may have two draws.

It is been quite pleasing working with the rich colours of Christmas fabrics and I am looking forward to reveal time at our next meeting Thursday week.

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kathyinozarks said...

sounds like your quilt group does fun things-