Monday, December 09, 2013

Where the wind doth blow

We used to have several of these poppy plants growing in parts of the garden where we could easily see them from our house.

This year they seemed to have disappeared altogether.  A bit sad we thought.

We had saved seeds from previous years and sprinkled them in the garden to no avail.

Then a lovely surprise.

At the back of our property we have an area we call the 'secret gully' and Linda spotted a magnificent specimen of this lovely poppy plant.

Definitely self seeded, the poppy must have wanted to claim this secluded landscape all to itself.

Mount Tauhara in the distance and the Waikato River in the middle what better place for the poppy plant to grow.


Mystic Quilter said...

Poppies are one of the best flowers I think. The colour of your one is a delight and they don't look as heavy as the "opium" poppies which are amazing but fall over with the weight of the bloom.

Sue said...

Such a gorgeous colour poppy! I am so glad nature has done it's bit and scattered the seed to land in a place with such a beautiful backdrop.

Nancy said...

It's lovely. I'm glad it found a perfect place to thrive.