Sunday, March 16, 2014

Have you been following?

Have you been following the progress of the quilting of this quilt top on Linda's blog?

Linda has been having a lot of fun as this quilt top has given her the opportunity to 'play' and be creative and the results are looking really good.

You can see one of my favourite blocks here.

On the other side, this quilt top has an interesting backing.

I was not sure what fabric to use for backing, but not to worry, Linda has a nice little stack of cotton kimonos. These treasures have been found in op shops (thrift stores) and quietly waiting another purpose in life.

Deconstructing this kimono was an interesting exercise as it revealed how the kimono had been made from long narrow strips of fabric. From just this one kimono there was more than enough for a generous backing for the quilt with more left over for another project.  The quality of the cotton is excellent and proved a great solution for the backing of the quilt.

Once the quilt is off the machine my next challenge will be what to do for the binding.


Shay said...

Great solution for the backing and in perfect keeping with the front too. Im so looking forward to seeing the end result of this quilt.

Nancy said...

This quilt is beautiful, Peggy!

Who is the lucky recipient?