Friday, September 19, 2014

Time for an inspection

Sometimes when our friend, Debbie, comes to visit she brings her grandson, Rex.

If they come in the morning, egg inspection is required.  He loves to collect the eggs for us, and if there is a surplus, sometimes he gets to take home a few eggs for his dinner.

On this occasion it was the afternoon.

No eggs to be collected but the hens needed to be let out for their afternoon run.

Rex was happy to let them loose. He also inspected for eggs, just in case, and then decided the coop was worthy of closer inspection.

I was advised it was a bit 'smelly'

Inspection over and time for contemplation - maybe a chicken keeper in the making at some future date...........


margaret said...

how lovely to keep hens, a few around me have them but sometimes the council insists they go as they are not met to be kept according to the conditions. One man got a cockerel but think that has now gone as so many complained about the crowing, I loved to hear it.
nothing more relaxing than sitting in the garden with needle in hand listening to the clucking !

Nancy said...

My neighbor has chickens and one duck, so I hear clucking from time to time.

Shay said...

One of the joys of childhood - collecting eggs ! My parents used to have a farm so all the grandkids got really good at bottle feeding calves and lambs, and feeding and chasing chooks.

Vicki said...

So sweet!