Friday, September 04, 2015


After our wonderful time in Canterbury we headed for Dover.

Unfortunately, by the time we reached there the weather was taking a turn for the worse.

Dover Castle stood above the city on the landscape and we could see the grey clouds gathering.

We needed to eat and so set out on the local High Street to find somewhere suitable.

Although I don't have images we happened upon and restaurant called The Allotment.  Tables covered with table cloths looked promising se we ventured in.

The cuisine was with a French flavor and so we ordered and waited.  The layout of the restaurant was such that we could see the two young male chefs busy fulfilling orders.

It did seem like a long time before our meal was served but good food is worth waiting for and this was no exception.

Linda's dish was beef cooked in wine and I had a cod fillet cooked in a creamy sauce, both cooked with fresh vegetables - superb!

Such a special dish will long be remembered by both of us.

In general we have been quite impressed with the British cuisine and this restaurant with the emphasis in Fremch food I could highly recommend.

After our feast we proceeded to take in the White Cliffs of Dover but it was not to be.  The rain had settled in to such a degree they were not visible.

It was time to be moving on to other places we had in mind.

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margaret said...

meal sounds delicious, such a shame you did not see the cliffs as thy are quite spectacular