Monday, May 09, 2016

Everlasting Summer?

I had always considered May in New Zealand to be a cold, wet month but not this year.

Nearly half way through the month and we are still experiencing quite mild temperatures.  I think our first frost of the year will come as a bit of a shock after having waited so long.

Even the plants in the garden have continued to bloom way beyond their normal times so today I picked this lovely red rose from our garden.  How nice to still be able to bring such loveliness into our home to enjoy.


Jenny said...

Yes, it's still so warm and mild. WE are still wearing short sleeved tops, mostly, and Robin is still in his beloved shorts. I bet winter will come with a vengeance, sooner or later, and we will all complain about the cold!

Tired Teacher said...

How lovely to have extended summer weather. The rose is a beauty, and I hope it's not the "last rose of summer." Enjoy

Mystic Quilter said...

We have been lucky with the weather haven't we - I have blooms which I thought would have been long gone with wind and rain.

margaret said...

I can almost smell the scent from here. Like you our weather is much better than usual but it will not last!