Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A parliament of owls

At last, my parliament of owls has gathered.  Eight of them in total and they seemed to take a long time about gathering together to overseer with all their collective wisdom.

From the Fancy Forest quilt this is my third set of creatures and by far the most complex to complete.

I was not altogether happy with my colour combinations but I am sure, in the whole scheme of things, that all will be well.

Their eyes seem to give off a bit of a disgruntled look so perhaps I have disturbed their sleep to bring them together for their parliament.

I am now halfway through the blocks, with the firefly, the hedgehog and the thistle to do.


Tired Teacher said...

Well done. They do have the demeanor and "look" of parliament as well as representing wisdom. I wonder who creates the plurals for animal groups.

Jenny said...

Yes, they do look a bit grumpy. Or perhaps not grumpy at all - maybe that is their "wise look". Have you got a bunch of live mice for their dinner?