Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fancy Forest Update

It has been a while but since I did write quite a bit about this quilt top in it's earlier stages I thought I would upload an image of the completed quilt top.

The project turned out much bigger than I had imagined and so I have found it hard to take a picture of the finished article.

In the end it took me around 12 months to complete. I had decided to make the blocks by subject and was pleased when the last set, the fireflies, were complete.

Next the challenge to assemble.  Elizabeth Hartman  had very cleverly organised the quilt to be put together in quadrants.

I happily proceeded with the first 3 quadrants but when I came to quadrant 4 I had a problem.

I could only find 6 hedgehog blocks when, in fact, 8 were required.

Oh dear, what a dilemma.

I was convinced two of them must have run away to hide under the hedges but when I consulted with my trusty blog record I found I had only ever made 6 in the first place.

Back to the drawing board for me to create 2 more of the rascals and then, finally, assembly was over.

For now my Forest Friends are quietly getting on with their lives until the day the are quilted.


Tired Teacher said...

This is a darling quilt: the animals have fun personalities, according to the fabrics you chose. Thanks for sharing a photo of the nearly completed quilt.

crazyquilter said...

Hello there, Nancy,

You must have been surprised to see a blog entry from me.

Thank you for your kind words - maybe I will make another entry or two this week.

Jenny said...

That's quite a big quilt with lots of lovely pieced blocks. Shame about the hedgehogs being missing, not really missing, just not done!
Great to read your blog again, it's been a while hasn't it. Better give Linda a reminder too.