Monday, December 28, 2009

Boris and Bella

When we decided to combine households, combining cats did not seem to fit. Two cats in a house is good but four - just a tad too many, I think.

So, after postponing the hour, Bella and Boris were advertised on Trade Me (our New Zealand brand of eBay) and I had well expected Boris to be first to go.

In fact, he did sell first, but the buyer has asked me to hold him until the end of the month, when he will be air freighted to Wellington for a new life.

My sister spoke to the people at our local vet clinic and told them we had a cat looking for a new home and amazingly, via word of mouth, an expression of interest was made for Bella and she actually went before Boris.

For one normally so shy and retreating I was amazed at how readily she took to her new cage and seemed really interested in what was ahead for her in her new life.

She has a new home, backing on to a reserve which I feel will suit her fine. Her new owner lives on her own and once Bella has adjusted to her new life style will probably think she is in cat heaven.

Today's image is the last photo I took of Bella before she left us.

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