Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bringing Back Memories

When we were young tomato sandwiches were a real treat.

In those days tomatoes were seasonal and with the warmer weather and fresh tomatoes available what could be better than thick sliced white bread, butter and fresh sliced tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Linda planted a Super Tom in a tub on our patio this spring and yesterday harvested the first of these tomatoes so that we could have a real taste treat right down to having the white bread sandwiches.

Homegrown, no sprays, fresh from the vine - delicious!

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best.


Sue Gorst said...

Peg, I so love your blog - as I sit here eating my shop bought tomato on toasted sourdough!!!

local_laydee said...

I have just Googled 'Supertom' images and found your blog - WOW! I am amazed by your Supertom. I emigrated to NZ from Wales in June 2011 and have just invested in a Supertom (and my very first attempt at growing tomatoes of any variety) - if I have half as much success as you then I shall be very happy indeed.

Having just read your most recent post, I am sorry to hear about the passing of your mum - it seems she gave you many happy memories.

crazyquilter said...

Thank you for your comments about our super toms. Amazing where Google can take you!

We have not got around to planting them this year. Hope we have not left it too late. We really did enjoy those fresh tomato sandwiches.

Thanks for your kind comments about our Mum. She has left us with fond memories and we will reminisce about her and her ways for many years to come.